15.56 miles.

This week I walked, ran and jogged (and prayed – lol) this far. In sunny, beautiful, really cold weather (yet I have a hankering for gelato – what’s THAT about?). I’m going to try to do the same in the coming week. I think I can do it, even with my classes will be starting and the kids having a three day weekend.

Running. With friends.

I thought I would share this neat program with my readers. It’s called runkeeper. I’ve been keeping track (though not as faithfully as I should) of my activity with it. I also have it connected to my facebook so that I can update automatically. There are all kinds of neat features (well neat to me) that help me keep up with what I can get done and even contact others who are running in the area. I guess social networking IS everywhere. 🙂

One of the bad things about getting in shape

is that you can NOT eat all of that stuff you ate before you decided to get in shape. Well, I can’t. Your body just responds completely differently to it. Well, mine does. I’m learning that this morning. I had a tough day with the worst patient in our house, Max (and I thought my husband was the worst, but oh no… Max has him covered – two or three times). All of that stuff I was working on and studying, poof. THEN I finally was getting it together at one point and WordPress was read only (isn’t that the way stuff happens?) Did I mention that the SUN came out and I couldn’t even think of going anywhere because of my bad patient? I guess it could have been worse. I could have attempted to play a netflix movie.

Problem Solver.

One thing I’ve tried when I had a lot on my mind was just running and running and running and running even more, until my tongue felt like it had to hang out because I had run so hard. I definitely forgot about what I was worried/upset/concerned about. I guess I’m good as long as I remember to breathe and don’t hit any poles. 🙂