A beautiful day…

I sure hope Saturday and Sunday are sunny, or at least dry, or at least non-rainy. LOL. The Farmer’s Market is opening this week and I LOVE just strolling through and seeing the produce, arts and crafts. I’ve given thought to setting up a booth at our city or neighborhood market. I think the only challenge would be staying put because I just love to walk around. I have a couple of versions of this maxi dress, but I just love them. I wear them all Spring and Summer, first with a shrug then without. They are just so airy, cute and simple.

The only bad thing about October


is the fact that a lot of our area farmer’s markets are winding down. A few operate on a year round basis, but a lot of the big ones will be pulling up stakes. Delish over at MSN has a list of the top farmer’s markets. I really appreciate the fact that I live between two of them – Portland and Seattle.