I voted.

voteI have never been so relieved to turn in a ballot, just to have the election process be over on my part. I do not care about the nightly updates. I can just read up on the ballot measures and local candidates who were running. As for the national candidates, like I said before, I’m just glad my part of this is over. From now on, if I see a politician who is actually serving the interests of his or her constituents, I will encourage that person in any way I can. I just do not want another campaign season or quality of candidates like I have seen this past year.

I had it all, but I let it slip away…

I’ll bet the DNC is singing that tune right about now. Oh well. The sad thing is that if the Republicans don’t finally get their stuff together (get their stuff together = being the leaders in their talking points instead of the greedy corporate lackies they usually are in real life) , they will be singing it again in two years, no matter how many negative ads they run.

Don’t forget to vote.

I have been very disillusioned about the vast divide between what was promised to our country last election cycle and what was actually delivered. There was never a moment, though, when I felt I was not going to vote. Vote.