I colored a few butterflies last week. I tried to keep the number that I did over the past twenty days or so down because I could stencil, stamp and color them daily and I am trying to remain open to doing different.



a dream.

Have you ever had a dream that things came true that you had long given up hope on for yourself? Last night I had a dream that inspired me. So many things had come true for me that I had long moved on in the reality of not happening. I was so happy. There was so much joy in my heart. It wasn’t even about money or anything like that. Just things that I had long turned my back on having in my life. It was so wonderful, almost like going from black and white to color like the Wizard of Oz. I left that dream thinking that maybe that kind of joy is possible for me. I’m content now, but in my dream, I had the kind of joy that makes one’s heart sing. I can’t wait to have it. In reality.