Sandra Bullock’s speech

was SO heartwarming! I like how the nominees are congratulated and highlighted before the names are announced. Kathryn Bigelow also gave a great speech. While I wish Lee Daniels would have won for Best Director, having a woman finally win is good, too. So it must be interesting for one to congratulate one’s ex-wife on the Academy Award that she bet one on, huh? I’m just saying. Ok. Time to shut the tv off. You know, that article and all.

The good thing

about Jeff Bridges winning – he has had such a great career and to finally receive an Oscar is like really nice icing on a gourmet cake. He’s been married 33 years – IN HOLLYWOOD! Wow.

Precious won its first award!!!

I think it is so great that Precious won for adaptive screenplay! Geoffrey S. Fletcher was so happy and so humble. Did anybody see Sapphire! I’ll bet it is such a thrill to be sitting at the Academy Awards with such great honor bestowed upon the film version of her book! The tribute to John Hughes was really touching, too.