November 26 : Today.

thanksgivWhat a wonderful concept – a full day to just be thankful for all of the things I have been blessed with and seen and lived right now. All of the great experiences and not so great experiences because I learned something from them all and because I grew from them all. I was awakened by a text message from my family wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Later on I got to skype with them. I am so grateful for them. I was thankful to spend the morning cooking and Al served as my sous chef. He did a great job.

November 25 : My phone

I have had my cell phone for almost four years and it still works and only occasionally lets me know it is starting to get old despite the fact that it has been dropped, rained on and thoroughly mistreated by my children (and me) from time to time. I am thankful.

November 24 : Skype

skypeMy sister called me because my Mom is now using Skype, which means I am now using Skype, too. I got to see them and my dad and my niece and my nephew and they got to see me. I was supposed to see them in person this year but it was not meant to be so I am extremely grateful that I got to see and chat with them some via Skype. I have used other forms of online video chatting so I am appreciative of them, too 🙂

November 23 : Dry, warm feet.

It’s a long story that involves hi-jinks, shenanigans and foolishness on the parts of my younger children, but I have never been so happy to see a pair of fresh socks in my life. Sigh.