Farewell 2012.

I still have citrus oil under my nails from the zest I put into some mulled wine a couple of hours ago. Can something smell bright, because I believe this does. We were supposed to have a glitzy New Year’s Eve, but after all of the snow we got this afternoon, we just want to stay warm. 2012 was an awesome year for me. I met more great friends. Celebrated milestones. Sometimes wiped some tears, but there were places I found myself where I never imagined I would be again. It was not perfect, but I grew and I look forward to growing even more. Friends have turned into more friends. Giving has turned into more giving and I have received in new and amazing ways.

When I was in high school, my acting teacher told us young dummies (who thought we were SO intelligent, btw) that life was not a dress rehearsal and that so many of us are not even living. I’m trying to live and share the things I learn and find along the way. Here’s to more of that!

Happy New Year!!!