My word for 2016 is still.  It is not about inaction as it is about doing my part and waiting peacefully for things to work out the way they need to as opposed to the way I think they should, because I do not always know better than everyone else.

I got around to seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I liked it, even if there was a LOT that was familiar about it 🙂 It was a good movie date with my husband.

IMG_20160112_140613043.jpgAs you can see, I got a little painting done. I am not happy with the state of my lettering, but it is improving. I have been keeping up with all of the new products unveiled at the CHA show, but shortly before it started, I got the opportunity to view a demonstration for Prima’s Confections Watercolors and I don’t talk about products much on here, but these are really on my mind because they are so portable and the pigments looked good, too.


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