November 21 : Letting things go.

Prayers Are Said As Nelson Mandela Remains In a Critical Condition

Sometimes things are not meant to happen in my life like I planned so I am thankful I have been able to let them go without growing bitter. I think my moment of enlightenment concerning this  happened almost a decade ago when I heard this woman –  Sandra*, share that she still felt hostility toward another woman we both knew – Kate*. Sandra admitted that she felt the way that she did because of not something Kate actually did, but because of her interpretation of events that involved the both of them. The thing that left me looking sideways is that Kate has been dead for YEARS. Never mind the fact that I am pretty sure Kate did not mean any harm, but even if she did, it really seems unimportant at this point. Not important enough to get one’s face (and possibly emotions) all twisted up.  Life is far too precious for that.

*names changed

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