Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015 – Five Doors.

Remember this?

Wall Hanging (Botanical Tea, Secret Garden)

A few days after I saw that inspirational paper (and some matching stamps), I learned of a call for submissions for the design team of the company that made the paper, Graphic 45. I have been in love with their papers for a few years now, so at the very least it was a good excuse to play with some stuff I already had or wanted to buy. I did a set of book end drawers,

Book end drawers (Artisan)
Truth Card Folders, Truth Cards (Botanical Tea, Typography, Artisan)
Art Journal (Typography, Staples)
Gift Tags and envelopes (Artisan, Botanical Tea, Time to Flourish, Typography)

a wall hanging, a kraft mixed media album, folders/truth card holders and gift cards with packaging. This process has been an absolute joy. It has shown me the true extent of what I have learned about crafting in the past couple of years. I will also be using what I learned on these projects to create gifts for family, friends and myself.

2 thoughts on “Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015 – Five Doors.

  1. Tujuana, we love your passion for crafting and your lovely work. What beautiful projects! Thanks for applying for our Design Team! Happy Papercrafting! ~Charee & Joanna

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