Day 306 : Pajama Day!

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_0I was reading Adrienne’s blog and I saw that NaBloPoMo was going on, so I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to get back into the practice of sharing my writing (and crafting and other things too).

pajamasAfter the week I had (see yesterday’s post), I had a pajama day yesterday. I did most of the stuff I usually do during the course of a day, only in my pajamas. The kids looked at me funny around noon, but since they saw me doing regular chores in a regular mood, they let me be. I had to step out once, but since it was one of those taxi playing errands where kids are dropped off, I just put on my sneakers and raincoat and went. It was truly wonderful, because I needed a day to be as physically comfortable as I could be, maybe to offset all of the things that went wrong. I am back to regular clothing today, but I can definitely see myself doing this again after the holidays.

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