A really amazing weekend.

20141027_095613I spent Friday and Saturday taking Copic technique classes and while I expected to learn new things about Copic markers, which I already enjoyed working with immensely, I was surrounded by a lot of fabulous people, whose paths I hope to cross again. Usually when I take any creative class or workshop I find myself really hyped up and cranking stuff out left and right for two or three days and then it’s back to the usual routine until I’m cleaning out stuff and I realize, oh I learned how to do stuff with that. It’s not a pattern I am proud of, but I am working on changing it and I’ll be posting what I’m up to from time to time because another thing I learned during the class is that I truly enjoy my creative time and I’ve missed out on too much of it already. I’d like to thank my husband, who hanged out with our kids (they had the day off from school Friday) and made this entire experience possible.

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