Turkey Liquidation.

turkeysYesterday I had a revelation when talking to someone I thought could possibly be a casual friend. By casual friend, I mean the kind of person who I see on a regular basis and chat it up with, just in a casually friendly way. No shoulder to cry on. No getting a man’s perspective on the stuff that keeps me up at night. Just hi, how are you type of stuff. Unfortunately, I was listening to this person and the stuff that came out of his mouth sent red lights and sirens going off in my head. When I was younger, and this sort of thing happened, I would try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I’m forty now and guess what? I have come to appreciate the fact that God gave me those lights and sirens for a reason, so I will heed them. I was a bit disheartened because I was beginning to get used to the interaction, but it’s better to cut things off now than to be forced to do so rudely or to deal with the manifestations of ignored warnings.

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