At my house.

Boys and girls wear shoes differently.

After looking at Miss A’s shoes: She might be getting a little big for these – I see a little more wear near the toes. Let me check.

After looking at Al’s shoes: What the world?!? How did he get a BIG GAPING HOLE in the bottom of this shoe? Did he step on a hot coal? What?

After I asked Al how he got that hole in his shoe, he tells me he has no idea. I would think he would have felt a draft or something. The hole was HUGE. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “At my house.

  1. Kids don’t care. I used to lose shoes. Seriously, I would take those mugs off (still not a huge fan of wearing enclosed shoes) and they would disappear on me. When I didn’t lose them then I would wear them out ripping and running after only 3-6 months of wear.

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