Welcome, November.

Time to put away the jack o’ lanterns and time to make way for cornucopia, Indian corn, and cranberry wreaths. I was in the store this afternoon and the turkey table has been set up. Since I want our family to participate in a turkey trot this year, I have to have my dinner completed by Wednesday so that I’m not up so late that I get up Thursday Morning and rule out said turkey trot (sort of like I did last year). I also have to dig out my Christmas cards and decide if I’m going to do a family portrait with the Christmas card, since I usually ship those out the week of Thanksgiving, too. I’m working on a few crafty gifts and if they are easy and quick to knock out, I’ll make more. If not, 2012 can always be the year of the gift card, part 2 (2011 was the year of the gift card for all of my shipped gifts and it was a wonderful thing).

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