Messy shoes.

This morning I was out walking with Nat (the edgy one). Exercise helps both of us to navigate life. We came to this ridiculous pile of dog poop and I tried to steer him away from it but he seemed determined to step in it. Then he was determined to get it off of his shoe. Yuck.

I know that kids have to learn from their own mistakes, but I do feel life can be hard enough and I wish someone would have steered me away from a number of the piles I stepped into during my adolescence and young adulthood. There were times when people tried and I didn’t listen (Nat has to get it from somewhere, right?), but I wish I had received more guidance so I try to offer more to my kids. Sometimes it sinks in. Sometimes, notsomuch.

2 thoughts on “Messy shoes.

  1. This seems to be a never-ending problem. I try to steer them in the right direction but they seem to believe that they know best. So frustrating.

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