Paying It Forward: A Giveaway Story

About the Vases
Last month, I received a wonderful, thoughtful gift from my friend, Diva In Demand. It was a lovely handmade necklace, but that was not all. Macy’s, through it’s purchase of artisan works, was helping

Haitian craftspeople to support themselves and rebuild. I had to give something away if it would help a couple of my readers feel half as special as I have last month. So I looked at the lovely metalwork, painted wooden pieces and jewelry and I beheld these lovely papier-mâché vases (if you want to place genuine plants in them, the merchant recommends placing a water tight vessel inside of the vase to contain the plants and water – artificial plants are fine).

About the Giveaway
Leave a comment on this post to enter (or Facebook like on the status that points to this post) . On July 15, there will be a random drawing and two people will each be awarded one vase. It’s my way of passing on just some of the kindness that has been passed to me. Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Paying It Forward: A Giveaway Story

  1. I don’t know how this escaped me!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support. I work with Heart of Haiti and truly know the impact that each and every post can have. Thanks so, so much.

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