That’s right, another Field Trip!!

Yes, I’m back from another field trip. This time we went to the Oregon Zoo with at least about four thousand other kids and their teachers and chaperones (Dear Bravo, I really think you should explore a reality show about Oregon Zoo field trip chaperones and the kids they, um, serve. Especially in heavy rain situations. Just saying. Tee hee).

I have been going on field trips to the zoo since Al was in kindergarten, but I was really surprised how much I knew about the zoo and the animals. Go me. I’m also surprised how much easier it is to take a field trip to the zoo since I’ve been walking and running and working out more. It has become more and more easy through the years, but now it’s like, “I’m not even breaking a sweat.” One must take into account that it was fifty two degrees outside. And rainy.

We had an amazing time, but we had a bit of a transition to make during lunch. Little A was not digging the picnic type of setup for all of those people, and I really can’t blame her. Max, of course, kicked back and ate his lunch, unfazed by the crowd and noise. Anyone who knows Max is not surprised by this. LOLOL.

By the end of our outing we saw lions, tigers, zebra, hippo, giraffe, otters,  porcupines, monitor lizards, ducks, ibis, bats, turtles, polar bears, penguins, black bears, elephants, monkeys and wild dogs. We probably saw more, but that’s all I could name off the top of my head.

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