12.26 miles.

It is such a pleasure to go walking and running in beautiful sunny weather! I almost want to sing. Loud. I can just FEEL the vitamin D!! I sure hope we have more Spring days like this. My pace has been slowly improving and I haven’t caught myself strolling as much. This is an achievement in nice weather, when I am so happy that I look at the sky and clouds and just bliss out which is a good feeling, but not so much  for the toning of the buttocks.

Vegetables are BACK!

I enjoyed some fresh steamed Brussels Sprouts yesterday evening and thought to myself, I’m back to eating a whole bunch of vegetables on a regular basis woo woo!!! (I know my kids are glad I did not say it out loud) The huge outdoor farmer’s markets are opening this weekend and our neighborhood farmer’s market opens in May! Can’t wait!

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