Game on.

Today’s mission, if I choose to accept it – knock out everything on the Thanksgiving list (with the exception of meaty items – I have to say that being able to reserve that stuff has got to be one of the greatest things EVER). This weekend I had a blast at my friend (and her twin)’s birthday party! I think black and white is such an elegant theme. I was looking good 🙂 if I say so myself. Max did not want me to go, so he was kind of giving me the side eye the next day. He’ll be okay. I always thought that it was interesting that there are no tears when he has to leave, but when I have to leave, the waterworks commence. It’s like, it’s okay for him to leave me, but I’m supposed to always be at my post. Smh. Little A insisted on a full manicure when she saw me doing my nails for the evening. I didn’t appreciate the frosty weather, but I guess that’s what capes (and sleeves on dresses – I KNEW it was gonna be too cold for the strapless look) are for 😉

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