It’s time for a holiday party!

Yes it’s another Donna Karan piece. And yes, it’s red. Isn’t that what the holidays are for? Red clothes? And blue clothes? And gold clothes? Just as long as there is adequate bling? LOLOL. One of my most awesome friends is having a party this weekend for her birthday and it’s going to be a cocktail attire shindig. I was looking for a cocktail dress for the event and I found a whole lot of strapless and sleeveless numbers. They have been beautiful, but we’ve been having this bone chilling winter. I’m glad I am a big believer in capes and wraps.

2 thoughts on “It’s time for a holiday party!

  1. I saw some beautiful classic structured pieces at Dress Barn yesterday and they were all sleeveless. We live in a seasonal climate! On top of it – no wraps or dress coats to be found!

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