I wonder if I take you home…


Filed under songs I knew all the words to growing up (but would NEVER let my folks hear me singing).Not to mention songs that I better not hear my kids singing. LOL.

Isn’t it cute? I don’t know what it is about red pieces in the Fall but for the last couple of years I’ve looked outside and decided to get a coat or a sweater or a bag or something red. It just really blended well with the leaves and left me feeling energized. I think a year or so after I got my first red coat, Little A decided it was not for her, which is sad because she looks stunning in it (she makes exceptions for really princessy taffeta, satin and or lace dresses, but for the other stuff, I figure, more for me – somehow) We’ll definitely be wearing a lot of wool and flannel and thermal stuff this winter. Tomorrow, the highs won’t even reach 50.

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