October is over?

Happy November! Brrr! In these parts it was foggy and very very cold. I’m proud of myself and thankful to God that my homework is completed in enough time for me to have a couple of breaths AND get other things done. It’s been hectic around here (can’t you tell by my lack of posts?), so that is a great thing. Can I tell a story right quick? About October?

 Karen at the Makeup and Beauty Blog did this big, huge giveaway and in order to get signed up for it, people had to make a poster commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness month. I was tired and frustrated and tired (I know I said tired already but I was good and tired) and burnt out completely at the beginning of the month. Then I made this poster and then I went out and did some things to help some people. Then I felt so great that I made another poster. I also did some other things to help some other people. The funny thing is that by the time I did all of this stuff, I felt so great about life that I thought I’d let somebody else win the competition and didn’t enter. Here’s my other poster, btw. 🙂

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