Life is but a dream.

Today was a tiring day. The day before my mother-in-law’s return to India is always fraught with all kinds of running around and the fact that school will be starting in a couple of weeks did not help things. The perfume that we had ordered (and we had to order it – y’all remember the hai karate episode? You’d think that after all of these years, people would adjust their expectations to reality, but I guess insanity REALLY IS expecting different results…) did not arrive. It has been stuck between Seattle and here for three days. The distance is less than 200 miles. I also spent a LOT of time on hold with an airline attempting to help my mother-in-law with said ticket. I was struggling to remain positive and decided to retreat to my room to avoid further drama and wearing out of my nerves. I got to the stairs when Little A gleefully (and melodically) reminded me that “Life is but a dream!” Who can stay mad after that? I can’t.

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