Getting back into my routine

I know some of you who know me have been over here thinking, “What in the world is going on at TJ’s house?” I’m usually a very consistent, enthusiastic poster. Lately, though, I have been dealing with some challenges that have taken me away from my laptop. This morning, I went back to my old routine, or at least started to. It’s very demanding, but it’s effective, so I’ll be sticking to it. I’m excited because I know it will help me achieve more of my goals.

Yesterday afternoon, I went golfing with my husband. I have golf shoes now. I thought bowling shoes were the ugliest sport shoes. Now I’m torn. Ha. We had a really nice time and got a chance to talk without our children, which is always an interesting experience. We went for a snack afterwards and I had a really awesome locally grown salad with raspberry vinaigrette. I know I should have taken a photo of it, but I think the golf wiped out all of my creative energy. It was a beautiful afternoon. Today is supposed to be another one.


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