For the Superheroes.

A lot of times, our parents are our first superheroes. From where we stand as children they tower over us and do things that we can’t imagine like cooking and driving cars. Eventually, what was so whimsical to us becomes mundane and we are faced with the fact that not only are our parents not perfect, but they are completely mortal. When I was a kid, just about everything my father did seemed amazing (including the crepes he used to make for us on Saturdays).
Then there was the fact that he hardly ever was sick or in pain or anything, at least not where we children could see. I understand that he wanted to be strong for us, but sometimes it made us think that we had to be the same way. I think that it has been a tremendous gift to us (his children), these past few years, to see the flesh and blood side of the man we thought was made of iron. He is still amazing to us, flaws and all. Thank you, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “For the Superheroes.

  1. I absolutely LOVE my dad; there’s no better superhero. If I needed him at this very moment, he would move Heaven and Earth to be here. It’s amazing how safe and secure your dad can make you feel, and I really wish everyone had the opportunity to know that feeling. ~Cris

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