Morning Revelation.

I have been having some serious challenges with my oldest son. He is getting older and feeling the need to test the boundaries that his father and I have had firmly in place all of his life. He wants to question and when we tell him to do things, he wants to explain and have a conversation. I never realized how much of my parents resided in me until I started responding to these changes. I know my mouth is moving, but the words (and the tone of voice) that come out belong to my mother and father. Ugh. That can be so so annoying. You know, finding out that stuff rubbed off on you like that.

This morning, I was taking notes in church about ways to shed the old self and the ways that people often give God excuses for their poor choices, in avoidance of making the changes they know they need to change. Then the pastor opened his mouth and said that we shouldn’t try the things with God that we don’t accept from our children. All of the battles with my son (and his siblings) took on new significance. Was I trying to justify some of the junk in my life with God using the very stuff that was driving me up the wall in my kids? Are my kids watching me more closely than I realize and emulating my behavior? I’ve got a lot to think about.

4 thoughts on “Morning Revelation.

      • I was just thinking today on my bus ride home as some children in the back of the bus kept repeating inappropriate comments that parents today do not correct their children. I swear when I was growing up you had better watch your words around an adult. Parents will sit there and zone out, be plugged into their ipods or games, and talk on the phone. When I was growing up people didn’t parent that way. Your mother would get off the phone, pull over to the side of the road or take your little narrow behind in a bathroom stall to “deal with you” when you were out of line. And they get mad if you correct their children People forget that they are children and they need direction!

  1. I grew up in the days of the bathroom stall, the days of folks taking care of you and then calling your mom and dad (so they could take care of you too) if you were acting a fool outside of their earshot and all of that. 🙂

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