The mother-in-law has landed.

My mother in law landed early this morning. I didn’t completely get everything ready for her arrival but I did better than I expected to. Max and I had to take a trip to ikea to get some last minute things to brighten up the house. I am in the final phase of Spring cleaning, replacing stuff and painting stuff. She always brings really neat clothes for the kids and an awesome gift or two for the grownups. Little A LOVES sparkly princessy clothes and India is the place to get clothes with beautiful beading, thread and design so she has always been very happy to see her gifts from India. One thing that I really enjoy as an Indian gift (and that guarantees that I keep my walking and running going) is the chikki, which is a lot like peanut brittle but a bit less hard. I’m sure I’ve written about it before cause I like it a lot and this is nothing new. I’m glad to see her, though, gifts aside.

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