Busy. Busy. Busy.

Have you ever had one of those summers where you look around and wonder where it went? I think this summer will be one of those. I’ll be working to get Little A ready for first grade (can you believe that she is going to be in FIRST GRADE in the Fall? When I started this blog, she was an infant. Sigh) Nat for junior high (Sigh again – and he’s edgy. Smh) and Max for kindergarten (Remember when he was born? Sigh again again) Then there is Al, who is about to start HIGH SCHOOL. as in this one is going to be in college in a few years, and most likely will be living away from home. I think a little time down at the farmer’s market will help me with all of this change, growth and transition and a blouse like this can look relaxed, yet pulled together.

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