Jumping the broom. Or not. Or unjumping it. And dating folks that are in the process. Sorta.

Broom jumping quandry
I’ve been thinking about seeing the movie, Jumping the Broom. I like a good love story, but maybe the whole in-law static scenario hits too close for me right now. Or maybe it’s the caricature of the working class characters. Maybe there is more to the movie than what is being shown in the trailer. I hope so.

Better late than never?
Lately, I’ve been reading about and talking to people I know about these long marriages (20 years plus) where people decide to separate. Most of the time it has been without drama, but still, that seems like a lot of time to put into something that ultimately does not work. Then again, I’ve also known of people who spent decades working in a field they did not particularly love because of the security that came with the post. Hmmm.

And last, but not least..
Yesterday I read an interesting video post down at Luvemorleavem.com that took a look at whether it is a good idea to date folks who are separated, but not divorced. I was really surprised that this was addressed because I thought that the new thing was dating while separated. I don’t think that could work for me because in the space I’m in right now, I’m not into shades of gray when it comes to the m-word, but like I said, it was interesting how so many of the columnists agreed and even the one who differed had great advice.

6 thoughts on “Jumping the broom. Or not. Or unjumping it. And dating folks that are in the process. Sorta.

  1. Hi TJ. First of all, I love the new look. I don’t really know how “new” it is, since I’ve been a little behind with visiting my blogging friends, but it’s very sleek.

    Thanks for the mention of our video episode. I too was surprised by how much agreement we had. Sometimes I’m just a lone voice in my opinions, so this was unusual.

  2. I really enjoyed the movie. And I think the bougie folks were more of a caricature than the working class folks. Either way, I thought it was entertaining. A tad predictable but there were no grown men in dresses and that’s always a plus.

    I’m going to check ot the video about dating people who are separated but before I do, I’ll just say this: BIG MISTAKE.

  3. I agree, the new look is very becoming to your site As for the movie, there were a lot of pluses and minuses, but overall it was good clean entertainment. I say support it while it is in theaters (I am usually a netflixster). I had issues with the lack of development of the script. The beginning was so clique (the old light skinned dark skin stuff), and many of the subplots were also clique. There is an interesting arc to the story that gives it an unexpected twist and keeps you in there. It is a comedy so the comedic elements were redeeming. The cast is impeccable. The ending uplifting.

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