Date Night – Thor

This Saturday, my husband and I went to the movies. Since we’re both comic book fans, we went to see Thor in 3D. I didn’t expect much from the movie based on the trailers, but it told the story of Thor, who is stripped of his power (even worse, his hammer) and tossed to Earth because of his unthinking, warmongering actions. Does he redeem himself?  Does he get his power back? Does he get his hammer back? Does he find, gasp, love? The special effects were really nice and there was just the right amount of fight scenes and stuff blowing up (although can you ever have too much stuff blowing up?). Kenneth Branagh did an awesome job as director (I REALLY hope that if there are future Thor flicks that he comes back for the next two at least). Anyone who has seen Branagh act (Wild Wild West notwithstanding – what WAS that?) knows that the man is brilliant and it definitely showed in the movie. All of the actors were good and the story unfolded well (when I saw the trailers, I wondered why Natalie Portman was in it, but having seen it, she made a good role choice). I wasn’t even a Thor fan in my comic days and I enjoyed this film. I’ve read less than stellar reviews of the 3-D, but I enjoyed the effects. I think that they were better in the last Transformer film I saw, but then again, they blew up much more stuff.

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