Yep it’s random.

I knew that this week would be busy, but I had no idea. Between conferences, errands, applications, open house, and more applications, having four kids sort of caught up with me this week. I think I need some of these stress relieving foods that I read about.

While a lot of my applications make the stuff Al is completing look like a walk in the park blindfolded (I KEPT an application in my backpack/portfolio to fill out for something from seventh grade until after I got married – I was on my grind!!), it’s not easy to be an eighth grader. There is the high school stuff, the programs to get ready for college and I’m sure there will be more and more throughout high school, college and graduate school. He’s applying for the high school program at the zoo, which could lead to him shadowing a vet and even taking a trip abroad to assist in zoological research. The people who run the program have insisted that they want to communicate with the kids directly. No more of me making phone calls for him or telling him to make phone calls. Sigh. I remember when he got nervous about me taking him to school and leaving him there. It didn’t last long, but still.

The other kids are doing their thing. Little A will be a first grader this Fall and Max will be in kindergarten. No more preschool kids. Nat will be in junior high school. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. I remember when he was my youngest and went everywhere with me. Then he decided he liked his father better. It’s a healthy phase of little boys becoming big ones but I still don’t love it.

The sun has been coming out and going back in today. I hope this is a precursor to a sunny spring. A one sunny day a week spring? A one sunny day a month spring? Sigh.



2 thoughts on “Yep it’s random.

  1. Time really has passed in my mind so I can’t imagine how you feel. I remember when Max was a little person rolling off the couch and now he’s a big boy. Bless your soul.

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