Someday, if I train really hard for a year and don’t get hurt, I’m going to run a marathon. Most likely the Portland Marathon. This is Carol Dellinger. She has run in 242 marathons. She is running three THIS YEAR (that I know of) and she had a mastectomy 11 months ago.

I have met so many women who have inspired me to step up my fitness game. Again, I know, but what can I say? I’m a work in progress. Most recently I met these women at church who are around 50 and kickin life in the behind and taking names. They go kayaking and stuff and leave the twenty somethings in the dust. They remind me of my mother. When we were kids my mom would make us drink lots of water and eat lots of green veggies, which I did not appreciate at the time. She still gets up really early to get her exercise on, sometimes with Dad (or so I hear, but I would really want to witness for myself).

2 thoughts on “Inspiration.

  1. They’re around 50?

    Um, I’m around 50 (in 4 years) and if you tell me that I remind you of your mom I’m going to jump off the building right now!

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