I try to stay nonviolent most of the time, but…

There are always people out there who will make you want to put your hands on them. Usually they are on the phone or the internet because they know that bad things can happen in real life if they show their bold and stupid with the wrong person who hasn’t taken their meds or don’t care about getting a strike for whooping their behind. Why have I run into two or three of these people in the process of getting my kids into school? Two of them made the deadly mistake of telling me who their boss was and refusing to connect me to said boss (anybody who knows me would have just told these folk to connect me because I’m that type of person who will find the boss, the boss’ boss and the boss’ boss’ boss and talk to all of them eloquently about the virtues of having employees who are respectful to customers/taxpayers who will not hesitate to show up at a school board meeting)  🙂

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