There is nothing like real life to stop a blog dead in its tracks. One of my kids hasn’t been doing so well, so I’ve been navigating our health care system to find solutions. It’s so hard because Nat is usually so quiet and reserved and not one to rabble rouse or complain. Now Al, Little A and Max… They will grab me and go, “Hey, this hurts!” “Oweee…” But it is a bit more complicated with Nat. I hope it’s just been a bad reaction to all of this hot cold hot weather we’ve had around here, but my note pad is handy for our next appointment. Did I mention that finding pediatricians is really hard due to the fact that parents are booking the ones who aren’t on vacay for back to school physicals? Weren’t we supposed to have some kind of health care REFORM going on here?

Meanwhile, in the jewelry studio (that is whatever room I’m working in), I am working on two projects, one which would be complete if I had only purchased the pins I spent about ten minutes looking at on my last jewelry supply shopping trip (I’m all about the 50 percent discount on my beads and findings 🙂 ). As soon as I complete that, I’ll share it with you.  I also have a couple of jewelry making gadgets to try and stuff. Then maybe back to scrapping.

Blog Script: Please uplift Adrienne and her family in your prayers.

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