Max's story. 200 Words, Real Fast

This prompt is to write a story as fast as possible in 200 words. The first thing that came to mind was Max’s recent birthday.

Max opened his eyes and got out of bed. Today was his birthday! He could not believe that he was four years old. He got dressed, went downstairs and found his grandmother in the kitchen. “Many happy returns of the day! How about an extra orange with breakfast?” Max loved oranges. He even loved the color orange, and since today was his day, he got to wear his favorite orange t-shirt without any interference. Once Max had finished his breakfast, his grandmother took him to the living room where a brand new train set awaited him. He played with the train set for a few moments, but took the cargo car off, because it fascinated him. He spent a lot of time taking in its details – it’s gray exterior and its load of coal. He took the car with him to his outdoor fort. Life was good in the fort. Max could pretend he was a soldier or a pirate or just relax with his toys and think about the things he had seen or the things he had done or what he was going to do next. His ruminations were interrupted by the voice of his mother, “Come on in Max! It’s time to sing Happy Birthday!” Life was good, indeed.

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