The Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard a Child Say


My oldest son, Al, is really intelligent, but he is so funny sometimes because he has enough of that childhood related naïveté to say exactly what is on his mind, though he is applying more finesse and thought now that he is a teenager. Most times.

When he was four years old, my mother, he and I went to our local burger joint, which has great sustainable food (Can I say I love that about the Northwest? ok, moving on). We were at the drive through and my mother was looking over the menu when she considered the fish aloud. “NOOOOOO!!!!” went four year old Al. “Grandma, NO! Mommy says never eat fish at a burger joint!! Ever!” We could hear the young lady working the drive through chuckling over the speaker. I eventually reassured Al that his grandmother would not be having the fish. My mom thought it was so sweet that her grandson wanted to protect her.

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