Weekend Recap: The dark side of scenic beauty.

We had a pretty good weekend going until yesterday afternoon. We went out for a drive in the country. And our tire sort of blew out. So my husband changed it. Then, the battery was low and the car would not start. And it was getting dark. And we were in the middle of nowhere. No. Where. And the kids were getting restless, of course. When I called roadside assistance, I made sure to tell them it was getting dark and we were in the middle of nowhere, but I’m not sure they were very concerned. Several really nice people stopped and offered to help us. It really restored my faith in people. Eventually, everything got going and the guy from roadside assistance said that they had only called him about 45-50 minutes after I called them. I smell a complaint brewing. LOLOL.

Otherwise, the tulips are growing and the lawn is neat, so I can’t really be too negative.  However, I need to find something for the kiddies to do for Spring Break. I mean, you can’t just go from everybody being in school to nobody being in school with nothing for them to do, because that would mean I would not get anything done. 🙂

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