Joseph L. Searles III

Joseph L. Searles III was born in 1940 and graduated from Kansas State University and George Washington University Law School. He was a lawyer, financier and protogé of John V. Lindsay, who was Mayor of New York. He became the first black floor member and broker of the New York Stock exchange on February 12, 1970.

Since that time, he has served two gubernatorial appointments as Chairman and Director of the State of New York Mortgage Agency where he was responsible for municipal housing issues totaling more than $600 million. Mr. Searles was the first Chairman of the 125th Street Business Improvement District in Harlem and is considered a leading expert in Urban retailing.

9 thoughts on “Joseph L. Searles III

  1. I had the blessing to work with Mr. Searles at te time he served on the Board of SONYMA, and since then I’ve gotten to know him as a friend. It has been many years. He is dedicated to helping others move ahead in life. A good and fun loving guy. Yep!

  2. Joseph L. Searles is the product of proud and positive African American lineage.
    I feel extremely lucky to know him and to be able to forward the excellent
    and well earned accomplishments of his life to this point. I am confident that
    Joe will add more to the list.

  3. I went to Killeen High School and knew Joe there. He single-handedly integrated that school in 1958, when he caused us to win the District Championship, in spite of the efforts of other schools’ players to kill him. Joe was a wonderful guy and I’ve never forgotten him.

  4. Trying so very hard to contact Mr Joseph L. Searle 111. 1974 I work for Jim Dowdy at Harlem Commonwealth Council. Mr Searle also worked for Mr Dowdy, Barbara Harris, Elaine Moore, Doris Buckley, Josephine Standish. My name, is Sylvia Neal at the time. I was the receptionist for Harlem Commonwealth council. Mr Dowdy sponsored a Banquet for Senator Javits and Senator Buckley. The Banquet was a big success. Please have Mr Searle to give me a call. My Telephone 678-507-5043. Thank you

  5. Trying so hard to contact Mr Searle., Have something to share with you. I feel like you would be very interested in my project. Please contact me. Thank you in advance. Live in Atlanta Ga. My number is 678-507-5043.

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