Hi everybody!

There has been so much going on this month. My dad had surgery. It went really really well. He’s doing knitting and crochet to keep him off his feet until he gets clearance from his doctor. The results have been comical.  While I’m saying that now, I really hope I don’t end up with blanket for Christmas. Hee hee. My second child, Nat, turned 9 and my oldest will be 12 by the end of the month. I’ve done some more volunteer work at the school. No altercations with the copier this time. I’m getting everything together for Max to do preschool. And I’m slowly getting okay with the fact that he’ll no longer be my little at home sidekick. I’m also getting the house organized so that when the weather gets warm enough we can paint and refloor until we can’t paint and refloor anymore… LOL. The home and garden show is this weekend, so maybe I’ll get some inspiration there. I also have been trying new recipes and they are really turning out well. Hope you’ve been enjoying the biographies. They are always inspiring to me. These people achieved so much with so much blatant adversity. Surely I can do something meaningful in this life.

6 thoughts on “Hi everybody!

  1. I have to admit, on those days when I just can’t get myself in gear it is wonderful to look at a biography of someone who overcame “real” adversity. Thanks for the posts.

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