The Gift

My husband’s cousin and her husband live in Dallas. She’s one of his few family members in the states so I try to keep in touch when I can. They have a daughter who is around Al’s age, so I try to send something to her when I can. It always takes me a bit of work and planning because I always have to make sure that the gift that I get is sparkly and pretty enough for her tastes yet in line with her parent’s traditional South Indian sensibilities. It gets to be harder and harder though, because at least out here in the West, fashion aimed towards girls and preteens is getting skankier by the season.

I was so happy when my cousin-in-law called to thank me for the latest gift I sent, some bracelets and rings from Claire’s. She said that it really brightened her day and that they were lovely. She also said that the things I usually send bridge the gap between what she likes and what her daughter likes. It excites me so much to give people things that they (and their parents) like.

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