The end of my sugarplum dreams

My gingerbread house collapsed last night. I think my frosting wasnt up to par, but there is always next year. Then again, it could have been little A’s running up to the house, snatching candy off and shoving it into her mouth. She must think she is Gretel or something. Well, the gingerbread is still pretty tasty, so all is not lost.LOL.

How much is that doggie in the window?
It appears that all is not what it seems over at Sean John. I dont buy it, but I found it interesting that some of their faux fur has turned out not to be so faux after all. Some of the chinese made jackets with the faux fur trim has been tested and discovered to be made from a racoon dog, which is closely related to domestic dogs and found commonly in Southeast Asia, I think. So if you’re sporting similar jackets to the one below, all I can say is I hope it keeps you warm (cause you paid way too much for it anyway) and, um, woof woof. More.

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