Rainy Day Ramblings

It started raining December 16, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Cold weather seems colder when it rains.
Back to the indoor projects. And training. Man if I’m outside and some sun hits my skin, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going down South this Summer and I just might be like, “Bring on the sunshine!!!” Though it just might be for three or four minutes cause I’m not trying to experience a sun stroke in the 100+ degree heat.
A couple of years ago, I helped my parents organize our last family reunion. We did a pretty good job. Every now and then other relatives ask me to handle weddings and stuff. I had to take a two year break because relatives can be special and they acted true to form during the planning of the reunion. This year my plate is full with the marathon, kids and my scrapbooking endeavors, and then there are the other things on my plate. Maybe I’ll do a little something something in 2007 or so.
And speaking of my scrapbook endeavors, I am entering a couple of layout competitions (and a card creating competition) at the big scrapbook convention in a couple of months. I created my layouts. Now I’m sizing/cropping my photos. Next year, I might go on a retreat so I can finish all of my projects at one time in a quiet setting. Because scrapbooking can demand a bit of time and is best completed uninterrupted. At least that’s how it works for me. One of my entries is REALLY creative, so I think I’ll be working on it until the competition rolls around.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Ramblings

  1. At least the rain is giving you the time to plan these things out. I know how depressing it can be though so hopefully it will let up soon.

  2. sorry about the rainy skies. i don’t know if i could take it, but i’m happy you can handle it. good luck with your projects! i’m glad that you are able to stay busy doing things you like to do! that’s something to be thankful for!

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