Okay just when I was getting on my healthy program… It is Chocolate Hazelnut Shake days at the local burger joint. See, the burger joint has these special fresh and local ingredients which translate into special flavored shakes. In the fall you have pumpkin and berries and during Spring you have fresh strawberry shortcake and shakes. Well, Chocolate Hazelnut is like the one time of the year when I HAVE to have one of those. Fresh hazelnuts with a small hit of hazelnut syrup and chocolate flavored old fashioned ice cream and a little milk topped with fresh whipped cream. Oh my goodness. I have limited myself to one (or two) a year, but now I am pondering whether I will get that. Once they are gone, they are gone. One (or two) can’t hurt. Maybe I won’t have any. Maybe I will. It is the weekend!
I get my longest distance run yet in on Sunday morning, which is fitting, cause I can stop at church afterwards and put in those requests for divine intervention where this training thing is concerned.

2 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. That DOES sound good. Is there anyone you can split it with? Just so you get the taste without the full calories?

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