Gelli Print – Part 1

gelliprintI have been playing with an idea in my head about something I wanted to try with my gelli plate, some of my favorite acrylic paints and one of my stencils. So far it has worked out pretty well, but I reserve the right to come out with something completely different, as often happens (especially lately) when I have these flashes of inspiration.

Inspiration Wednesday: Another collage

iwed10This inspiration Wednesday was a black and white collage (with a little color) topped with white and black paint. I enjoy putting together collages because I can just see a piece of paper with a nice font or graphic and if it goes with what I’m doing, I add it. I found a few things lying around like that while I was working on this. I used advertisments, papers, newspapers, whatever I thought would work. I see the next one that I do having far more color and dimension, maybe even some glitter. Can’t wait!

Podcast 6: Losing my fear of being wrong.

close2This week’s podcast features information about regular gel (matte), which can be really great for collaging thicker paper in multiple layers, Dina Wakley’s fine tip applicator (which I could make lines, swirls, and letters all day with), a reminder about absorbent ground (which is still my second favorite mediumpodcast6b to super heavy gesso) and a quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” Every day I try just a little bit harder to be less fearful and more creative. I used double scoop gelatos by Faber-Castell and water to color the backgrounds for my butterflies. I’ll have to incorporate them into another project soon because I always have fun working with them :)

Happy May!!!

iwed9 blgMay is my favorite month of the year, because I get to celebrate my birthday, and I usually figure why not just celebrate the entire month? The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, so why not? I am a firm believer in playing hard, so things like blogs and chores can sometimes fall by the wayside, but never fear, I am back. This is my latest Inspiration Wednesday project. I used Golden brand absorbent ground on top of the gesso, which allowed the acrylic paint to have a watercolorish effect. I almost like it better than super heavy gesso. Almost. I also had a lot of fun working with acrylic paint markers and spraying water everywhere. Except for on the acrylic paint markers :)