I hope I didn’t ruin Christmas for my nephew.

santaSee, it all started last week when I was visiting down South. He asked me if Santa was going to get Max any toys because I mentioned some mischief he’d participated in. He also asked if I had a fireplace and when I told him I don’t, he asked how Santa dropped off gifts for the kids. I told him that Santa doesn’t buy or make my children’s toys (because he doesn’t), and it was downhill and backpedaling from there. I did throw in that Santa Claus was a real person , but I think it was way too hot outside to sugar coat things, so I’ll blame the heat. While I never bought into the whole Santa thing (my kids were relieved to know where their gifts came from, they didn’t like mall santa so much) , I didn’t want to be the person who told him that. I have to work on my auntie answer for Santa Claus. Yikes.

Loving this.

monedavisbMo’Ne Davis is the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series, but the first to pitch a shutout. In the game that led to her team’s advancement to the series, she pitched another shutout with a 70 mph fastball. This is so awesome to me because it reminds me of all the times, as a kid, when I’ve played with and against guys who knew girls could not play baseball. :p

Movie Adventure Saturday – Planes: Fire and Rescue.

We went to see it this Afternoon. It had a really good story about what rescue workers do in terms of sacrificing their lives to save others. I thought a lot about the wildfires we’ve been having in the West this season, which included the largest in my state’s history. Even though it was a movie geared mostly toward kids, I think there was something that we could all appreciate about it and I even saw edgy Nat enjoying it. I also liked the way that the national forest setting was rendered.  A lot of the waterfalls and canyons looked so familiar that I had to remind myself it was CGI.


This morning when I walked outside the sun took me back to 1982 and this song by The Gap Band (folks sure did get their sparkle on in the 70s and 80s). In my mind, it is the theme song for braids with beads, rollerskating, hanging out with friends until street lights come on, lawn sprinklers, barbecue, popsicles, and adventures involving a park with a picnic area and a lake. In short, Summer in the 1980s. I also realized that Young A is about the same age as I was when this song came out. In a lot of ways, life has changed, but when it comes to the essence of who we are and what makes us tick, I have to laugh at the similarities between us. I’ll bet my mother has found herself thinking the same type of thing about me.


Friends. How many of us have them?

friendsYesterday evening, I found myself reading Adrienne’s blog post about friends. It reminded me of a moment I had way way back when I graduated high school. I had received gifts from family, friends and mentors. There was a card, though, that I wasn’t sure how I felt about. It basically said that learning how to let go of people with grace and without bitterness was one of life’s great lessons, oh and congratulations on the graduation. At the time I was like, “What?” I don’t want to let go of my friends. I LOVE my friends. Do you know that in the next four or five years life wrestled every single one of my “closest” friends from me? I still had good new friends, but my high school buddies were all gone. At first I was salty about it because I would occasionally try to keep in touch and folks didn’t seem to care. Using up my postage. LOL. In time, though, I came to the realization that we led different lives and that was okay too. I’ve had great friends since then and I have great friends now, but I know how to lovingly and gracefully let them go when our reason or season for being friends has come to an end. My mentor who gave me the card was very right. It has been one of the greatest lessons I have learned.

I got it together yesterday :)

I got off of the sofa and then I opened the door and it was so hot that I could feel myself wilting. It was not the worst heat I have felt, but it was in fierce competition with it. Whew. I know that when we are having freezing rain, snow, and just plain ridiculous cold weather I will wish for the sunshine, but I don’t know if I will wish too hard.