Paint, Glaze and Patience.

wpid-20150424_184751.jpgI completed my most recent Inspiration Wednesday project yesterday. It had three layers of glaze, super heavy gesso, wooden letters, and a whole lot of paint. The layers were a bit thicker than usual, which led to more drying time and the shift in our weather from beautifully warm to gray, rainy cold did not help in that department. The extra time was a huge opportunity for things to come together and I am completely happy with the result.

Lessons learned – Art Impressions and Watercolor

wpid-20150422_074216.jpgThe beautiful weather is almost over, but I got a chance to play around with this Art Impressions watercolor stamp set and some of my waterbased markers. I had a lot of fun, but I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do when using these stamps. At times, it felt like I definitely was learning more of what not to do, but I will not give up and besides, the challenge made it more enjoyable for me. I think I got a little overenthusiastic in some places and overwashed some of the color. Another thing I would add if someone was interested in trying it (they have several sets and I know I will be trying more) is that if you don’t have very small acrylic blocks (2×2 and smaller), get some or get the wood mounted ones because they are difficult to handle otherwise.

Podcast 4: Beautiful Weather, Cardmaking and Keeping Joy

This weekend was filled with some awesome, beautiful warm Spring weather in the Northwest. Today’s weather is magnificent enough to almost make me forget it is Monday. Almost.

Last week I went to a locally owned craft shop and found a couple of things to make cards with. I am excited to be working on cards again! That aren’t necessarily headed for care packages! Well not right away. Not as far as I know. LOL. I have dusted off my copics, my watercolor markers and my watercolors and can not wait to do more with the things I found at the shop. I also can’t wait to find more things at the shop, but that goes without saying.


This week’s quote is from 26th President of the United States. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Let the Sun Shine In

Mom was telling me this morning that one of her friends was complaining about the rain in Louisiana and she thought they should come to Washington sometime. We have had a bit less than we usually get this year, but when it rains, it still pours. For the next five days we are supposed to get sunshine. I can’t wait! I wish it could last longer, but the rain keeps things green around here and in light of how things have been going in places like California and Texas, I won’t complain.


This is one of my other collages. It is done – for now. I almost ran out of matte medium, my collage adhesive of choice these days. I use mod podge for most of my 3-d decoupage projects but the matte medium works better for me with the journals. I have started on my latest Inspiration Wednesday and I know I will have fun with it because I always do. I saw a couple of interesting prospects for craft projects while I was out and about yesterday, but my mind is still open.