History Revisited.

I put together my first scrapbook around 25 years ago. Most of the photos and ephemera have held up well, but the book has not. Today, I attended a crop where I began the work of moving and reorganizing everything to a new, more archival friendly, book. I had no idea this book had survived until I was presented with it during my visit to my parents’ home in August. I could not even remember the last time I had seen the book and had assumed it was cast off into the garbage somewhere. I threw some of the photos away and cropped one and will most likely crop more. I am thankful that I can fondly look back at my past, but see with enough realism to savor my present. I like who I am right now and I am working hard to get where I want to be. :)

Inspiration Wednesday on Saturday

wpid-20150221_145735.jpgI completed my Inspiration Wednesday piece today. I took a lot of liberties, but I like the way it came out. I think the weather helped motivate me. It was the kind of sunny day that almost made me completely forget that it is still Winter. Tuesday was beautiful in the same way and I went on a long walk and talk with one of my friends. We caught up over six miles of brisk walking. The fact that I get exercise for fun now (with friends and family) makes me smile more than this weather.

Inspiration Wednesday 3: Time Management, the Pot and the Kettle

wpid-20150215_082800.jpgI told you you would not recognize it! Saturday I completed my most recent Inspiration Wednesday piece. When I did my first project, I was a bit bummed about the fact that the fact that the new pieces come out every other Wednesday. Now, I am super thankful for that cushion of time because I feel like I am in a mad dash to keep all kinds of balls, saucers and everything else in the air. Of course, I am also teaching my son the importance of being organized with his time. I want to warn him against becoming the cautionary tale that is his mother but I do not want to freak him out too badly.