Day 195: The Flamingo Dance

This evening, Nat, Max, Young A and I went to the zoo. We got a chance to spend time together and get some exercise, which is a win-win in my book. Young A loves  the pond turtles, and I definitely see why. They are an exuberant bunch. My favorites were the flamingos. They are such elegant birds to me, and they have one of the best dances in the animal kingdom. I’d love to see it in person someday.



Day 192: Quick! Somebody turn on the sprinklers!!!

SprinklerRemember that post a couple of days or so when I talked about how hot it was? Today it’s ten degrees hotter. It reminds me of a time when Al was a preschooler and Nat was a young toddler, and we were invited to lunch with one of my friends at the local university campus, where she worked. It was a warm Summer day, and we had a nice visit followed by a stroll around the campus. School was between sessions, so the campus was pretty quiet. As we were passing by, one of the fountains came on and I told my well dressed, supposedly trained children to walk around it. Nat was the youngest at the time and was not having that. He ran full speed into the fountain. He completely wet his clothes, shoes and hair in the fountain. Al figured that if his brother was completely wet, what did he have to lose? It took a few minutes for me to close my mouth, but I was shaking my head the entire time. Since then I have repeatedly learned that all bets are off when the weather is hot and flowing water is nearby (as evidenced by the times I have had to escort my kids out of the front yard sprinkers that were there to water the grass, not them). As hot as it is today, I could go for a sprinkler run myself. :)

2014, Day 191: Doing the God things

daisy2Through my late thirties, I struggled with discerning the difference between the good things (opportunities and decisions in my life that were perfectly honorable – even admirable), and the God things (those decisions that were integral to the progression of the fulfillment of my life’s mission). This weekend marks one of those crossroads. I had an event I wanted to go to, even planned to go to months in advance, but something in my spirit kept making me open to the possibility of not attending. Both paths (the one I considered and the one I chose) had issues and sacrifices involved and neither was easy, but one ended in peace (peace in my mind, peace in my spirit) and one of them did not. In the past I would have let the greater good be my determining factor, but sometimes, peace is the greater good.

Day 189 : I know it’s July but

sparklerwow, it’s HOT out here!! This was the first time in a few years that we were at home for Independence Day, and while it was nice, I think we’ll go back to having the week away, at least alternating years or something. Fireworks are really huge out here, so all you have to do is light up whatever fireworks you want to (the boys really enjoyed that part) and then sit back and look into the night sky at the booming blooms that last well past midnight. 

2014 Day 132: Which way is up?

It seems like my children’s activities have all joined up in this vortex which threatens to suck all of the life out of me at times, but in a good way. Ha. I think I am still making forward progress, but at times it is hard to tell. There have been so many blessings in my life these past few weeks, actually this year, some physical, some spiritual. Will the things I have learned continue to be a meaningful part of my life, months from now? years from now? I hope so.