Day 259?!?

2014 is almost over. I have my 2015 calendar to prove it. Back to school nights are starting up, which is the final indicator (to me) that the school year is in full swing. Shopping is still a bit strange with the whole Halloween over here and Christmas over there phenomenon, but at least the back to school stuff is out of the way. Usually I am not a person who mails off things on a regular basis, but this past week has meant a lot of time at the post office. It has been in preparation for some really awesome stuff  happening later this year and in the beginning of next year, so I don’t mind. Bring on the pumpkin latte (nonfat, no whip please).

Last weekend, my husband and I went to the movies. For the first time I can remember, there were only two movies we were remotely interested in. We chose this one. hundred-foot-journeyIt was pretty decent. Predictable, but the acting was enjoyable and the food styling and photography was so awesome I could smell it. Since it was the movie theater with the nice restaurant, we had really good nearby and the experience was very pleasant. The company wasn’t bad, either.


This morning I was feeling down.

Back to school season had almost wiped me out (and parent nights have not even started – sigh), in addition to a few other mini dramas that are trying extremely hard to pop up in my life. I was reminded by Kandee Johnson’s blog post that one thing that always makes things better is helping someone else – helping someone in need, helping someone reach an important goal, sometimes just a word or a deed that brings light or encouragement. Just putting things in motion has me feeling quite positive and blessed. Hence the choice for today’s Flashback Friday video. :)

Day 241: Unbelievable.

My oldest son will be graduating high school next Spring. THATS unbelievable. As long as we have done everything we can to prepare him, I feel I will be completely ready to let him step forward into this new phase of his life. I’ve had a few ugly cries at the prospect of him leaving home and me letting go, but I understand that he can’t remain a child forever. Memories of the cute kid who loved to get an ice cream cone are often tempered with the reality that he eats like a mountain man teenaged boy.  I still would not mind him living in the house down the street (or next door) when he grows up.  :)


Am I the only one out here having a hard time believing that the 90s were twenty years ago? Sheesh. Not that I want Cross Colors to make a comeback or anything, but sometimes it seems like it was not that long ago. I have always loved this song because it was written about the love of a daughter. I wish that all little girls could be treasured like these lyrics and this video.

Two orientations down, one to go.

aleavesMonday is Labor Day, which means Summer will be done. It seems like it is over quickly, but I got a lot accomplished so I can’t really complain. This Fall, I’m going to be dealing with senior stuff and college prep stuff and new edgy high schooler stuff (did I mention that when we go out now, he doesn’t want to walk with us – he’s Mr. Indpendently Edgy now – sigh). Then there are the third and fourth graders. I definitely had better step up my workouts. I will need them.