Inspiration Wednesday 13: Meanwhile behind the scenes…

iwed13I have been managing to journal, paint or stamp something most of the days during this break and that is huge progress for me. I have also been reading and learning a LOT about different creative techniques and where I want to go with all of the journaling, stamping/cardmaking and painting I have been doing this Summer. My most recent Inspiration Wednesday project was a collage with some paint, gesso, glaze and washi tape. I usually start on them as soon as they are available, but I put this one off for a few days and then everything I ended up using came together. I wish this could happen with every piece I worked on, but I am hugely thankful to be learning which ones I can take my time with and which ones I need to complete at once.

Inspiration Wednesday (in progress) on Friday

wpid-20150612_070646.jpgThe final countdown is on to Summer and so I am running around polishing off all of these details so we can have as smooth as transition as possible. Since the kids are out of school and usually have a few (or more than a few) places to go  and things to do, my daily routines completely shift with theirs. We’ll make it though. We always do.

This week’s project is taking a bit more time because I have to paint a layer, let it dry, paint another layer, spray it with the reactant before it dries, go back and experiment a bit until I’m satisfied with what comes out. It is almost complete, but here it is thus far.

Podcast 9 : Dragon Boats and Gelli Printing.

wpid-20150606_105053.jpgThe podcast opened with some mention of the recent end of the Portland Rose Festival and the wonderful weather we have enjoyed. We have had some amazing weather in the past week or so, but it is getting to the point where it is starting to become too much of a good thing, especially after about 11:00 am. I cringe as I write this, but I am looking forward to the cooling down beginning tomorrow. My husband participated in the Dragon Boat Races with his employer’s team. I described them as being sort of like viking boats and canoes, but looking at the picture, I’m thinking they look a bit like a gondola too. A good time was had by the everybody involved, regardless.

wpid-20150608_140728.jpgI have been using my gelli prints as backdrops to my personal art journal while I refine my process. I am having a lot of fun playing with the press, paints and media in the process. My latest discovery has been deli paper, which I can not wait to use in collages. The quote for the week is from Mother Teresa, “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.”

Inspiration Wednesday 11

Watercolor and water-based dyes are really big in paper crafting and art right now, so my latest Inspiration Wednesday project proved to be extremely fun and useful.

iwed11It can be done with just about any watercolor type of medium mixed with acrylic paint. I used gelatos and white acrylic paint. The black lines were from a fude pen, but a lot of my brush markers could have rendered the same effect. I mixed a little bit of white paint with glazing medium and added it when the paints were almost dry (before I added the black lines) to soften the colors a bit, but it looked perfectly fine without.

I had so much fun doing this that I can see myself playing with this technique a lot as I find new ways to use it. :)