Be careful what you wish for…

especially with weather here in the Pacific Northwest. When we first moved here, I witnessed snow right before and right after the holidays. I thought to myself, “It sure would be awesome to have snow DURING the holidays.” A few years later, we had a snow storm that shut everything down the week of Christmas. We wound up having our Christmas dinner for New Year’s because we were unable to get the ingredients we needed (good thing we got gifts early, huh?) Everybody was ecstatic when the snow went back to being on top of the mountains that Winter.  Even after this weather debacle,  I wondered about our Summers. We have great, mild weather, but we have a lot more cloudy and rainy days than most places. So I always wondered what this mild wonderful weather would be like with a teeny bit more sunshine. Back in July, being at the coast was amazing, but throughout the Summer (and first weeks of Autumn), we still had sun. Everything that wasn’t irrigated was dry and subsequently a bit of it caught fire. The rain came back yesterday morning and I am very happy to have it back.

Jack Frost is kicking butt

outside, and I like cold weather. It makes me remember my childhood days in the mitten state. Right now, though, it is not working out for me. Maybe I need more sleep or exercise or something.