A Book that Changed My Life

This Isn’t the Life I Signed Up For…But I’m Finding Hope and Healing by Donna Partow is one of the books that changed my life the most. My mother had recommended Becoming the Woman I Want to Be, a guide to body-spirit-mind wellness. It was a great book and I still use some of the things I learned then today, but I read about Donna Partow and something about This Isnt the Life I Signed Up For spoke to where I was in life. I was very angry and disappointed. My life had appeared to have gone the polar opposite of the direction I wanted it to go in, planned for it to go in, and worked for it to go in, and somebody had to pay. Somebody, of course, was everybody but me. The book was very humorous, but it was very honest about the choices we make and the consequences of those actions. I still have plenty of problems (everybody does), but that book ignited a process in my life of facing my problems with a more positive attitude that has been a great blessing to me, everybody I care about and even some people I don’t.

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