So much for those electronic babysitters.

According to a new British study, more than two hours spent daily on television or computer, can greatly increase the odds of children developing psychological problems, regardless of how much exercise they get. Something to think about.

Thursday Randomness: Happy for Whitney

whoustonEarlier this week I saw the Whitney Houston interview on the O show. What an amazing gift her voice is! You just know she was created by God to sing. Is it any wonder that Bobbi Kristina (her daughter and Cissy Houston’s granddaughter, though she looks a LOT like her dad, but not too much cause Bobby would not make a pretty chick, tee hee) wants to sing, too? I’m so glad she is back.  I know I’m just an amateur, but her voice has been a major inspiration for me as a singer. I thought it was so great when all of the different famous people (Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion)told her how much she inspired them (and cousin Dionne Warwick and Clive Davis wished her well). Did I say I was glad she is back? Because I am.