More tea party goodness.

The Tea Party is going to be policing voter eligibility at the polls? Really? Are they going to bring a literacy test while they are at it? Perhaps their elected legislators will attempt to bring back the grandfather clause, too. I’m sorry but their tactics reek of the bad old days and the politics of the South when suppressing voters of color was the order of business. Why not work with other parties to police the polls fairly? I guess that would be too intelligent and similar to conducting business in a professional manner for tea party tastes.

Chocolate cake and chocolate republicans

Another day, Another year

My birthday has come and gone, and it was a really great one. It was the coldest one on record. I don’t know what I think about that. My hubby gave me a really neat card and stuff and family and friends from all over called, emailed and IMmed their wishes. The kids helped me eat chocolate cake. At one point I think they thought it was their birthday, they were enjoying themselves so much. I have made some progress over the past year, but there is always room for improvement. In the past week, I’ve really grown a bit. I hope that I can continue that over the year.

Is it the year of the black republican? again?

It seems like black republicans are back in the news. There are 32 of them running for Congress, the largest number since reconstruction. I think that it is a great thing that African-American candidates don’t feel pigeonholed by what used to be the only option available to them, the route of the liberal democrat, but is the republican party truly ready to consider the needs of communities of any color? If the tea partiers speaking out these days are to be believed, perhaps they are. I doubt it, but anything is possible.