Running on Empty.

Yesterday I saw a blog post about the importance of taking care of one’s self. It really hit home because a couple of times in the past week or so, I have felt like I have completely run out of the fuel I need to get everything done and I know it is somehow connected to me skimping on the things I do to nurture myself in the interest of saving time. It’s really tough to do that this time of year for me because I’m wrapped up with handling details of getting everything together for next Fall and trying to make sure that the kids have fun stuff to do this Summer and stuff that will keep their minds engaged. All of that and the usual things I have to get done. It’s really tempting to leave my needs on the bottom or even off of my “to do” list, but the post reminded me that this is often like being on a plane and putting the emergency oxygen mask on my kids first and then running out of oxygen myself, what can I do for them passed out on the floor? I am going to have to remember this lesson throughout the Summer.